design modelling symposium berlin 2009 … associative processes

Associative Processes“, is a paper i had the pleasure to co-author with Michael Budig and which will be presented at this years Design Modelling Symposium Berlin about Concepts Beyond Geometry. The conference proceedings will be published by the University of the Arts Berlin.

Associative Processes: Adaptive Potential of Script Based and Generative Design

Robert R. Neumayr & Michael Budig (Innsbruck), 2009.

From 2005 to 2009 the department for experimental architecture at the University of Innsbruck has set its focus on script based and parametric design research, aiming to explore new design methods in order to advance the field of contemporary digital architectural design. During this time, various new approaches to digital design were developed, iteratively tested, improved, and applied in different architectural scales. These investigations can be subsumed under three conceptual categories within the proposed field of design research: Generative Processes, Cumulative Processes and Associative Processes. The initial results of these processes are further differentiated and articulated into architecturally viable configurations, in which aspects of associativity and adaptivity demand the designer’s attention when applying different external and internal parameters which will be discussed in this paper.

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